Nuna – Revv Convertible Car Seat, Hazelwood


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The REVV adds a convenient new twist on Nuna’s best-selling convertible car seats: It swivels 360 degrees, rotating toward your car door so that you can help your child in and out without hurting your back. With a simple twist, the REVV rotates from rear-facing to forward-facing and back. You may only need to install it a single time as the seat grows with your child from birth to 40 pounds.

The REVV offers top safety features like an all-steel frame for maximum strength, side impact protection pods that absorb crash forces, and an anti-rebound panel that helps stabilize the seat in a crash. Five rear-facing and five forward-facing recline positions help you find a comfortable fit for both your child and your vehicle, and because the REVV locks out the incorrect positions, you’ll never have to check whether the seat is at a safe angle.

Magnetic buckle holders keep the straps out of the way when buckling your child, and the anti-rebound bar includes a leatherette carry handle to use when you’re traveling or switching cars.
The REVV fabrics are machine-washable and fire-resistant without the use of chemical retardants. The seat comes with two sets of inserts—one merino wool set and one organic cotton—as well as two cup holders that are removable and dishwasher-safe.

Rotates 360 degrees—from rear-facing to your vehicle door to forward-facing and back—so you can help your child in without hurting your back
All-steel frame with Aeroflex foam side-impact protection system, EPP energy-absorbing foam and top-of-the-line plastics
One-time installation supports either rear-facing or forward-facing mode
Reclines to 10 positions (5 forward-facing and 5 rear-facing) with no need for bubble indicator to ensure a safe angle
One hand, height-adjustable head support sports ten different positions
No-rethread five-point harness keeps little ones secures and adjusts easily as they grow
Integrated magnetic buckle holders help keep straps out of the way when buckling in baby
Includes two sets of infant head and body inserts: one merino wool and one GOTS organic cotton
Dual cup holders are detachable and dishwasher-safe